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March 3, 2016

Hospital Provider Fee Ruling
The Colorado Attorney General ruled earlier this week that the Hospital Provider Fee can be removed from the TABOR limit. She argued that the program — which collects fees from hospitals matched by federal dollars and helps cover Medicaid costs and uncompensated care — would meet requirements to qualify as an enterprise fund. Such a move could free up monies in the general fund for transportation and higher education funding. The Chamber supports removing the hospital provider fee from the TABOR limit. To learn more, click here.

Workforce Bills Introduced
The Chamber Governmental Affairs Committee will be considering several newly introduced bills aimed at increasing development of workforce skills in the state. The bills include;
HB-1289 would create an innovative voluntary pilot that rewards schools for student success, including industry-led education programs
HB-1291 would modernize the state’s education standards and create additional resources for Computer Science education
Colorado Succeeds is championing these bills. To see why, view President Scott Laband's recent op/ed in the Denver post

Chamber Opposes Tax Haven Bill
The Chamber has gone on record as opposing HB16-1275 a measure that is being fast tracked through the House which requires a company’s Colorado “combined tax return” to include any foreign affiliates that are incorporated in tax haven jurisdictions for the purposes of determining tax avoidance. While everyone should pay their fair share of taxes the Chamber is opposed because the bill creates uncertainty for corporate taxpayers with legitimate business activities in foreign jurisdictions by changing laws that the Department and taxpayers have relied upon for the past 30 years and creates business uncertainty which could harm economic development recruitment efforts. To read the CACI analysis of the bill, click here.

Chamber Governmental Affairs Meets March 8th
The Chamber’s next Governmental Affairs video conference meeting with our local delegation is slated for 7:00 AM, Tuesday, March 8th in the CMU University Center Room 213.  Chamber members are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Survey Participation Requested
The Grand Valley has many recreational opportunities. While some of these opportunities have been created by businesses and government agencies; some are created and maintained by non-profit organizations. CMU is currently researching sustainable funding options for one of those non-profits. The survey linked below is part of that research and we ask you complete it by March 11th. Four participants will receive a $50 Amazon gift card. 

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