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May 6, 2016

Chamber Takes Action on Bills
The Legislative Session is rapidly coming to a close and the Chamber’s last video conference for 2016 was held earlier this week and a variety of bills were reviewed. Action was taken on the following:

SB-210 Fix Colorado Roads Act 

HB-1450: Allocation of Additional State Revenue
SB-178: Grand Junction Regional Center Campus (as long as it includes an option of constructing a new facility in Grand Junction) 
SJR-039: Jordan Cove Support Resolution
SB-194: Regional Transportation Projects

HB-1441: Requiring PUC to consider Full Cost Carbon Costs

No Construction Defects Bill
The Chamber and other entities had been awaiting the introduction of a bill to address the construction defects penalties that currently exist in state statute. The current measure is serving as a disincentive to the building of affordable housing projects and condominiums in particular. Click here, for a breakdown on what went wrong. 

Fix Colorado Roads on Second Reading in Senate
SB 210, known as the Fix Colorado Roads Act was introduced on Monday of this week and is on the move in the Senate. The bill proposes bonding for $3.5 billion in transportation projects and dedicating 5% of the General Fund to transportation moving forward. The bill has a lot of support within business organizations but CDOT and the Governor have yet to weigh in. For more information on the bill and what it calls for, click here.

GVDD Suit Update
The Chamber and Mesa County filed a complaint and a motion for a preliminary hearing on an injunction against the collection of fees assessed by the Grand Valley Drainage District last week. The election held on Tuesday resulted in Cody Davis, a candidate endorsed by the Chamber, being elected to the three-member board of the District. Click here, to view an editorial published by the Sentinel this week on the matter. 

Legislative Wrap Up May 18th 
The dust will settle sometime before 11:59 PM on May 11th when this session of the Colorado General Assembly. There are still some big issues to be decided in these last remaining days. Learn the “rest of the story” when our lawmakers gather for the Annual Legislative Wrap Up, May 18th, 7:30 AM at the Clarion Inn and take the opportunity to thank them for their service. Click here, to register. Thank you to event sponsors, Wells Fargo Bank

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