On Saturday morning, Governor Jared Polis issued an executive order that suspends several laws, allowing signatures for ballot initiatives to be gathered via email and mail. Under the executive order, the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office will need to develop rules to allow for this new means of signature gathering. The rules are not expected to be finalized till June and until they are, signatures cannot be gathered by mail or email.

The Grand Junction Area Chamber had previously signed on to a letter urging Governor Polis not to waive requirements for in-person signature gathering. The Chamber will continue to weigh in on this issue and the threat it posses to the state’s election process.

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Chamber Urges Governor and CDPHE to Approve Phase 2 for Mesa County


Last Friday, Mesa County requested that the State approve a variance request for Phase 2 of Mesa County’s reopening plan. Among other things, Phase 2 would allow for businesses and places of worship to reopen at 50% capacity, and for post-secondary education along with indoor and outdoor recreation activities to resume fully. In order to avoid further delays, the Grand Junction Are Chamber of Commerce sent a letter urging Governor Jared Polis and the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment to approve the county’s variance request as soon as possible.

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Legislative Council Releases Economic Forecast


Last Tuesday the Legislative Council released an updated economic forecast for the state, showing a combined budget short fall of around $3.3 billion for fiscal year 2020-21. Economists from the Legislative Council have stated that although Federal stimulus has “softened the blow”, it will take years for the economy to return to pre-Coronavirus levels.  Economists also noted that Colorado’s recovery will be exacerbated by the constriction of oil and gas industry activity.

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